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Monday, April 26, 2010

award utk mommies

1.Thank and link the person who gave you the award.. post the above award in your entry too.
tQ madam anne :)

2.List the date of birth of your first child and your following children.. add also their names..
1. w. adlan zafran - 19 dis 2008
2. w.aqil haiqal - 23 apr 2010

3.upload a picture of u with ur c

ekceli aku lom sempat snap pic dgn anak2 nih, so pic dgn ayah diorg jew he2

4.pass this award to all mommy bloggers u know. let them know ok.

a. kaktinit
b. nica
c. sara
d. che khams


TiNiE said...

eh kasi kaktini ke award nih...
yeayyyy ada bahan nak blog..

anggap jerla ti kasi ek..zassss

siti said...

aa heheh